OUR MISSION- Here at Acumen Renovations, we are more than just your average construction worker. We take pride in our ability to transform and protect your home from the imminent toll years of use and weather can create on a house. Specializing in residential renovations, our goal from the first handshake to the final walk through is to exceed your expectations of what a contractor should be! We strive to ensure our communication and processes are top notch so your project runs as smoothly as possible! Remodeling DONE EASY, remodeling DONE RIGHT!

OUR VISION- of this website is to help our clients create a detailed list of home renovation products, features, and services, that you as a homeowner might want or need! By educating our clients on what products are available and how they will be installed, it allows for you as the customer to make an informed decision. We have streamlined the process of understanding what decisions need to be made when it comes to siding, windows, decks, and doors. This allows us to create accurate and comprehensive quotes that are given to our clients in a timely manner. When the time comes to get a quote, you will already know what product best fits your style and budget.

OUR GOAL- Acumen Renovations goal is to always bring our customers the best products and the very best craftsmanship. To do that, our crews have weekly meetings to stay up to date on project deadlines, continuous product education, and customer satisfaction. We make sure Acumen Renovations as a TEAM is always exceeding any expectations to make our clients happy. To take it a step further, we even do training with our manufactures when they offer it, to make sure we are always in compliance and up to date on the product installation. You can even check out our blog for articles that might be related to your project.

Our Services


  • Find out what the color of your front door means and what it says about your home.
  • We have a vast selection of indoor and exterior doors to choose from. We will help you choose the right kind and style of door for your home!
  • We have up to date educational tools to help select the door that best meets your home’s needs.


  • Learn the options and features that could be added to your deck prior to building that could save you thousands of dollars AND have friends and family raving over your new deck.
  • By going through our step by step process, you will learn about all of the features and options available for deck.
  • You deserve the outdoor space you have always wanted!


  • Do you know what options are available to keep your gutters flowing and dramatically reduce the impact of costly maintenance and repairs?
  • Our site will help you understand your options and make the most informed decision.


  • Usually when people think about painting it’s from an aesthetic point of view, and while it does serve that purpose, it does so much more like protecting your home.
  • Our site will outline the necessary steps to ensure you will get you the maximum lifespan from your paint project.


  • What time of year do you think it would be best to put new siding on? The answer might surprise you!
  • Get all the facts to decide what makes sense for your home!
  • Whether you’re in the market for a full reside or just doing a section at a time, our process will help you understand the best course of action for your home.


  • Do you think the amount of wind that could pass through a window should be a factor in the Energy Star guidelines of a window?
  • FUN FACT: 95% of window issues are due to poor installation!
  • In this section, you will learn the pros and cons of different types of windows and be able to educate yourself on the various types of installation’s that are available. There are actually quite a few options and features to consider when it comes to picking out new windows!

Our Top Priorities


Teaching Tools


About Company

  • Education

    1. Our website is designed to collaborate all relative literature pertinent to the job at hand.
    2. Helps you understand options of how the products can or should be installed.
    3. Helps you understand what manufacturers best practices are as it pertains to warranties.
    4. Helps show you how to approach a project to compare value.
    5. Helps you determine what products will best meet your needs.
  • Teaching Tools

    1. You will find in all our services that we have Facts and Questions.
    2. Each service section of this site will also include content explaining the pros and cons as we see them, as they relate to installation procedures or products themselves.
    3. You will find videos that show how certain products are supposed to be installed and give our clients reasonable expectations of what’s to come.
  • Process

    1. We believe that one area where we excel where others don’t, is our process.
    2. We have a process in place for every aspect of what we do. Most you will never see, but we know that our client’s experience is much greater in the end.
    3. In each section of this site there will be a downloadable check list that will help us get the decisions we need to create a comprehensive quote.
    4. In each section, you will find a heading labeled “Other Considerations” that will list options that are commonly over-looked during consultations.
  • Financing

    We offer financing through Synchrony Financial. Synchrony Bank provides you with a variety of promotional financing offers designed to fit specific financial needs. Click here to view current financing promotion options.

Diamond Kote

Finished Siding vs Unfinished siding

All the siding products that we use, also offer a finished siding line of products and accessorizes that are already painted. Vinyl siding is a finished product and it’s just a matter of picking a color and having it installed. L.P. (Engineered Wood)and...

Caulking should never take the place of flashing!

A significant part of our business requires us to do Flashing. Flashing should be over any piece of trim that runs horizontal. As stated in the title of this post. Caulking should never take the place of flashing! Its not a matter of if, but when its...

Home Renovations Checklist!

Not creating a checklist is one of the most common and costly mistakes that we see homeowners make. Taking the the time to make a checklist of what service or products you want saves everyone time and money. As a good contractor, it’s my job to educate...

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